Mom’s Night Out Event

3:45pm a group of 13 energized and excited women came to the studio eager to have some “me” time! They were quickly split into their respective workout groups… and the fun began!

Roz took her group through Jumpboard and Abs, and any of you who have had the chance to have Roz or take the class, know the encouragement gets you through. The novelty of the jumpboard had these women jumping like they could continue for hours, but by the end, their legs were like Gumby, their abs cinched tight, and an enormous grin from the fun, sense of accomplishment and feeling one with their bodies!

Misha took her group through a combination of alternating own body weight exercises and utilizing the TRX straps! The ladies pushed themselves to the max, showed amazing form, and by the end of it, Misha felt like she knew them far longer than 1 hour – they bonded!

After their workout, the enjoyed the sprawling view of downtown San Jose on the balcony, wine in hand, appetizers nourishing them, and but of course, chair massages by Keiko that made them melt in her hands. With everyone feeling like a million bucks, these women were ready to return to their families, happy to have taken some much needed time for themselves!


Do you have an event MPS can host? Allow your guests to enjoy massage, an array of fitness classes, culinary delights, a view of downtown – whether it be a Girl’s Night, Family get together, Bridal Shower, Guys Night Out or anything else you come up with!

Signing out – MPS

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