How To Truly Get Fit!

Define fit? Did an image of an 8-pack and toned arms pop up in you head? It does when you type “fit” into google images… Is that truly FIT?

Society and media have stated what is the ideal look- and looks do not mean fit, strong, or a even a healthy lifestyle. I once was nearly pre-diabetic and had a sugar addition, but all people saw was “young and skinny” – so clearly I was fit, right? I had an uphill battle getting control of my addiction and getting any support outside of my immediate family. “You don’t have to worry about your weight, have dessert!” Really, because weight is the only thing that makes us healthy? “Sugar addiction, hahaha” as chocolates were thrown onto my desk. Being “bikini ready” as media portrays should not be our goal! I see these images, comments, peer pressure roll in more during the new year, but we are bombarded day to day, EVERYDAY!

As an owner of two pilates and wellness studios, fitness is for life… a lifestyle… not just for January! So let me define “fit” to me:

  1. Physical Activity: Our bodies are built to move, but both too much and too little can cause problems. Though a sedentary lifestyle is a leading cause of poor health conditions, at our studio, we also see elite athletes suffering from symptoms of overtraining. Find workouts that excite you, challenge you, and vary in movements! For some that is Pilates, TRX, rock climbing, parkour, cycling… for others its weight training, soccer, or trail running!
  2. Nutrition: Food is more than fuel. The food and drinks we consume support all our bodily functions and have a tremendous impact on our health and performance. Eating a cookie is fine! Eating a pack – not so much! But same goes for cherries!  Nothing overdone is good for you! Many of us know what we shouldn’t be eating, but sometimes we need help knowing what we should be consuming! Find a nutritionist to help you!
  3. Recovery: You hear it all the time… sleep is important! I personally get 7.5 hours a night. Our brains and bodies require sufficient rest in order to function and stay healthy. Sadly, sleep and recovery are some of the most undervalued elements in our busy lives. You may feel that you’re performing well with little sleep – but what if you discovered that your current output only represented a fraction of your full potential?
  4. Mental Health: Stress is a part of life. Some positive, so negative. Some activities, people and tasks drain our mental energy, others replenish it. It’s impossible to empty our lives of everything that consumes energy, but are you spending the time to replenish it? For me, that’s a walk on the beach with my family and playing fetch in the ocean with my dog! It’s being grateful to view another breathtaking sunset. It’s finding the silver lining when things are stormy! What brings you fulfillment? The key is to ensure a balance between things that take energy and things that energize us.
  5. BioMechanics: You would think with exercise, healthy diet, sleep, and reduced stress, biomechanics would just fall into place! But, it too is a spoke in the wheel of “fit”. As a high-performing system, our bodies need maintenance to run smoothly. Massage is like your oil change to a car – ensure your neuromuscular skeletal system is working optimally and efficiently!

Go beyond image. Go beyond “cute glutes” and “flat abs”… continue to strive for YOUR fit! It’s a lifestyle- a journey till the end! Your journey is your story – your path- your balance! No comparing to other, no judging others, no two bodies will have the same journey. MPS and Central Core embody this and is reflected in our motto and logo!


Get fit! Stay fit! We are here to help! – MPS and Central Core

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