Living the Wellness Lifestyle!

Have SOLUTIONS to your resolutions to effect change and attain goals! For me, add protein into each meal! Not impossible, not overwhelming, sustainable – impactful!

Wellness is a lifestyle – a mindset… Only 8% of people achieve their new year resolutions…. usually because most lack action plans – we are here to help!

1.  Nutrition beginning with Vitamin Dvitd_sources

Known as the “sunshine vitamin”, Vitamin D levels often drop in the winter and most people are way under the recommended levels throughout the year! Vitamin D deficiency can affect nearly every cell in the body, lowering your immune system and negatively effecting your mood! Your levels should be between 50-70 nmol/L and maybe even higher if doctor recommended.

4-053-rainbowfoodsmain-media-7202. Eat the Rainbow (and not Skittles)

Nothing substitutes for a healthy diet. Vitamin C and A along with Zinc are key players to help defend your body against the cold and flu.

3. Use doTerra “On Guard” Oil

onguardSupport a healthy immune system and protect yourself from germs and bacteria that could compromise your well being. At the studio, my instructors and I are at risk constantly – but we put a drop of On Guard with 3 drops of Coconut oil and rub it into our hands and arms and even under our nose to keep us healthy and strong!

washing-hands4. Wash Hands Often

The power of soap should not be underestimated! Do not keep using alcohols and hand sanitizers – that just dries you out and allows the 1% strong bacteria to reproduce… not good! Good ol’ soap and water will do the trick!

5. Get Enough Sleepunknown

Most people’s sleep cycles are 1.5 hours – so 7.5 hours is what you are aiming for! Impossible you say? Do you really need to be checking Instagram for 1 more like at 11:30pm? The movie you have to see until 2pm will still be there… GET SHUT EYE!

instructing6. Exercise

Countless benefits come from regular exercise, including but not limited to helping regulate blood sugar, cortisol, and metabolism. I could go on for days – but I won’t! Find something you enjoy, vary the routines, and keep your mind in the movement!

7. Foam Roll, Relax, Have a Glass of Winewinerelax

Sit by the fireplace and sip a glass of red, put on a relaxing song and lay on a foam roller, use doTerra Lavender Oil in a diffuser or a drop on a tissue and breathe!

Now all you have to say is “Challenge accepted!”

We look forward to supporting your wellness journey – MPS and Central Core

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