I’ve been getting a lot of people come to me pointing at their lower belly and say “How do I get rid of this?” And most are not happy with my answer… “Great abs are made in the kitchen.” Working out is so good for you! Getting proper rest and drinking lots of water… these are all important and play a roll, but it doesn’t matter if you work out for 3 hours if you go home and dump the entire refrigerator into your mouth, or worse the pantry closet items!


You look at a 6-pack longingly and we think more crunches, when we should be thinking less pasta! Now of course, I think exercise is important – it challenges your muscles, protects joints from injury, tones your physique, and maintains many systems of the body including your bones and cardiovascular system. One additional benefit of exercise is that it builds muscle mass which can increase metabolism, burning more calories even when resting! The more muscle you have the more calories you burn, and the list is endless. But for those of you who are looking to lose weight with exercise, what I teach you in class only counts towards 30% of overall body composition. The other 70% needs to be addressed in the kitchen.

Don’t let this discourage you – We have a nutritionist that can help you, keep you accountable, provide tips and advice and make your 6-pack dream a reality, but just like MPS workouts take a mindset, drive, and determination – so does eating healthy!

Beyond the physical, healthy eating effects your mood, energy levels, sleep habits, libido, skin, and internal organs – to name a few, just as unhealthy eating can effect these negatively…


Our nutritionist, Mary, can help you strategize how to understand your eating habits and minimize things that negatively affect your progress. She can provide you an action plan, implementation, and substitution all over a 25 minute phone call! So let’s be honest with ourselves when we ask, “Am I 70% Cookies or Spinach?” Of course, I aim to be 70% spinach, but like most people have my moments of weakness – but get back up and move forward. Strive to make your entire organism perform better, feel better, and live better.

To our health – MPS and Central Core

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