Misha’s Gym Bag Must Haves!

Pilates… TRX… Barre… Tai Chi… Cardio? Misha’s items are a must have for all!

  1. Stainless Steel FreeFlow Avex Water Bottle: This 24oz bottle holds liquids up to 10 hours hot and 29 hours cold. It is my favorite water bottle for a few reasons… Easy to clean EVERYTHING, easy to hold (sometimes my thumb hurts if I have to grip larger size bottles), lockable, no straw to clean!
  2. DoTerra essential oils: Whether it be OnGuard or Melaleuca to clean off machines, Citrus varieties to refresh you, Peppermint to cool you down, or Deep Blue to help after… These are the oils to go for!
  3. A protein snack: important to help muscle recovery and replenish nutrients in the body! I am not keen on protein bars, but a simple protein smoothie, hard boiled egg, or chicken breast is perfect!
  4. Studio swag: We have workout shirts and tanks and jackets and sweatshirts!! Feel amazing, look amazing, and represent!

** None of these items have been sponsored. I just love them **

To being prepared,
MPS and Central Core

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