When to Eat Fruit

We all know that fruit is rich in nutrients for our bodies and essential to our diet but many do not realize how counterproductive it can be. Most fruit is fairly high on the glycemic index. Therefore it is converted into sugar at much faster and higher rates than other foods. Glucose turns to fat when stored, so when would it be an optimal time to eat fruit?

Try and eat your fruit in moderate to small portions. Eat them in your first meal of the day and or pre-workout.

A great way of adding fruits to your breakfast is with yogurt and some flaxseed cereal or on the side with an egg whites veggie omelet. Your insulin and blood sugar levels are down from the fasted night of sleep and breaking your fast with some healthy carbs, protein, and fat is a great way to start the day! Your body will be working all day, so jumpstarting it with all these carbs and natural sugars are okay.

Then you have to consider when you workout… If you are lunch time MPSer, you can choose to have your fruit pre or post workout, but if you are an after work MPSer, you will want to have that fruit pre-workout, because after 7pm it sits, making it store, making it harder to get out of (or rather OFF) the body. If pre-workout fruit is your choice, 30 minutes prior to your training session is perfect, because fruit is converted faster to glucose- loading your body up with fuel. Fruit at your desk sounds like a healthy substitute for the candy around the corner, but not if you eat that piece of fruit and continue sitting the next 4 hours at the desk!

Quick Take-away:

  • Eat your sweet fruit in the morning
  • No fruit past 7pm
  • Enjoy your fruit pre or post workout
  • Vary your fruit – berries are delicious and thats because they are sweet, but that is a lot of sugar to process, so mix in grapefruit, apple, pears, and the lowest on the Glycemic Index Chart: cherries!

Stay tuned for our next blog on why the glycemic index is so important!

Have a great weekend – MPS!

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