Avoid Getting Sick

You know the feeling… you can feel it coming… you feel it when you swallow… you still have a chance to avoid getting sick and bounce back to 100% in a day! Follow these steps – ALL OF THEM and avoid the flu season all together!

  1. Sleep at least 7.5 hours that night… and really every night! Rest is important… not the “I’m laying on a couch checking Instagram and watching a movie!” Some serious shut eye is KEY!
  2. Gargle with Listerine almost as soon as you wake up. This will help kill germs from spreading, especially from the throat after a long nights sleep!home-bold-products
  3. Start drinking fluids within 30 minutes of waking up. You should drink at least 100oz of liquid in the day to help flush any toxins out of your body! I personally like to do a mix of water, chicken or bone broth, cold-pressed juices (for added minerals and vitamins), 1 Emergen-C pack, and tea with ginger! It makes it very easy to exceed the 100oz minimum needed.
  4. Stay warm! Get on a scarf or a thinker sweater to maintain proper body temperature.
  5. Exercise! Yup – it helps increase white T blood cells when you strength train aiding in fighting viruses. BUT you want to stay clear of cardio training, as this can compromise your immune system making it harder to recover quickly! So come to Pilates, TRX, or Barre and just let your instructor know so that they can modify any increased heart rate exercises!
  6. Add in a Zinc tablet (Zicam works) and Ginger into your day!ginger
  7. Be Positive! Smiling, being positive and happy can have huge impacts on any healing process!Couple of man and woman breathing deep fresh air

To staying happy and healthy!

MPS and Central Core

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