What is Suspension Yoga and Who Can Benefit From It

Perhaps you’ve seen Suspension Yoga on our group class list at MPS and Central Core?? Maybe you’re wondering what it is? If that’s the case, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect blog!

Suspension Yoga is…well it’s exactly what it sounds like! We make use of TRX straps to ‘suspend’ us in Suspension Yoga. In other words, the exercises we teach in Suspension Yoga are true to the mechanics of yoga but performed on TRX straps.img_9439

The TRX straps add so many fun layers to practicing yoga. For example, they add an element of instability for increased core work. (And who wouldn’t want more core work?!) The TRX straps also help to increase flexibility and range of motion. How so? A combination of gravitational forces and added leverage allow for increased flexibility and range of motion. Take child’s pose with arms extended as an example. You’ll get a much deeper stretch if you rest your hands in the TRX straps and use them for extra leverage to help reach your arms further.

Speaking of arms…Suspension Yoga helps to teach proper placement with arm balances such as handstands and crow. This is because the TRX straps offer support to help decrease the load of body weight while learning proper placement.

All this said, Suspension Yoga still offers the meditative qualities and breathe focus like yoga does.  It is also a type of low impact strength training. While perfect for everyone, it is especially great for those looking to build bone density to keep osteoporosis or osteopenia at bay.


Hope to see you in our next Suspension Yoga class!

MPS and Central Core

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