Why Pilates?

You might be asking, “What is pahy-luhts?” And, “Should I be doing it?”

Well, for starters, it’s pronounced pi-lah­-teez. The answer to your second question: YES! Everyone should be doing Pilates no matter age, fitness level, injury, or special needs!

The benefits of Pilates are endless, so I’ve compiled a list of the most important reasons you should be doing Pilates. As you may know, Pilates can be practiced on a mat or apparatuses such as the reformer. You will experience the following benefits regardless of whether your practicing mat or equipment Pilates!

Building Core Strength and Developing a Deep Core Connection

Core strength is a signature result of practicing Pilates. But why is core strength so important? Our core strength strongly influences our posture or spinal alignment. For many, low back pain can be attributed to a weak core. Because Pilates effectively develops core strength, many have adopted Pilates as part of their lower back pain rehab. Further, a strong core can help to prevent potential back injuries or strains. What’s more is that Pilates exercises specifically target both the superficial and deep layers of the core. You won’t find a core workout that is comparable to Pilates!



Building Long, Lean Musculature While Increasing Flexibility

We all strive for a well-balanced body—a body that is both strong and flexible. Guess what? Pilates is the perfect way to achieve a well-balanced body! We typically only complete 5-10 reps at one’s maximum output of any Pilates exercises. This type of strength training leads to an increase in muscle density rather than an increase in muscle volume. (Training that only increases muscle volume leads to bulky muscles.) Further, muscle density and strength are more strongly correlated than muscle volume and strength. Pilates also helps to increase mobility and range of motion, which improves flexibility! (for more on this!)


Enhancing Body Awareness

Pilates teaches you to become acutely in tune with your body. We call it Pilates today due to the namesake of the creator: Joseph Pilates, but HE called it Contrology – if you focus your mind you can control every muscle in your body. You’ll learn to recruit muscles you never even knew you had before! Once you start Pilates, you’ll never give it up for this reason!


So next time you’re looking for a great core workout, want to effectively build your strength, or enhance your body awareness, stop by to take a Pilates class!


To strong cores and focused minds,

MPS and Central Core

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