Why CORE!?

All exercise is NOT GOOD! GOOD exercise is good! And what defines good exercise differs from person to person based on their fitness level, goals, injuries, and specific needs.

So, can you get a good workout at home? I truly believe you can get a rewarding, challenging, and safe workout anywhere! The decision of choosing a home workout program should be no different than taking the time to decide which studio you go to or which trainer you hire.

The ultimate objective is to move optimally and pain-free, build strength and mobility, and feel independent, capable, strong — basically, to feel good!

With at-home workouts being all the rage, especially in light of our current situation, I wanted to create a program that honored my vision and life’s work. I am not the HIIT specialist or the 30-day beach body promiser — I am the clinical and athletic specialist.

I have spent my life creating exercises with a foundation in injury prevention and injury rehabilitation without losing the importance (and joy) of an athletic-based workout.

I want everyone to feel limitless no matter their limitations. I offer this in CORE our new home streaming program — the same way I do at the studio: by providing modifications, progressions and regressions for every exercise to ensure that each person can safely attain their specific goals without impacting anyone else’s experience!

Given all the benefits, why do some people have some resistance to starting a home program?

It usually comes down to 4 things, and CORE was created to address them all:

Space: All you need is a space the size of a yoga mat so you can move in all different planes of motion. If you think about the classes you have been in, did you need much more space than you have at home?

Equipment: CORE videos use little to no equipment and always offer alternatives or common household products or furnishings to aid or intensify your workout!

Accountability: In our CORE Engagement subscription, you have a weekly live workout with me, Workouts of the Week, and a supportive community — the Core Crew! (Because I believe so fully in the benefits of CORE Engagement, for a limited time, this full-featured program is offered at the Foundation Member rate of just $85 a month — which is 25% off the regular annual subscription.)

Motivation: This always interests me, because the reason a person is not motivated is because what motivates them has not been addressed! The definition for “motivating” is to provide with an incentive or a reason for doing something. The reason is up to you and in my program, if that reason is addressed, then motivation is not an issue!

Our health is paramount. We hope that you will join us for this unique brain-based athletic program that considers your goals, your level, and your injuries!

To a healthier you,


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