A Fine Balance

With my past as a dancer and figure skater, balance was a concept I learned quickly… or did I? If we are talking about balancing on a thin blade, okay sure, but what about life? What about the brain? What about connections?

I conceptually understood all the aspects of a life in balance and its importance, so much so that my senior thesis for my dance degree was “A Fine Balance.” It was a set of seven pieces that broke apart career, love, friendship, self, struggles of choices, wanting it and ultimately finding just that!

I can tell you this: you can’t lock in on balance. It’s not a static, once and for all, happily ever after thing. It is fluid, ever changing, reactive. It’s a give and take at a neural speed, at a muscle fiber level, at a millisecond decision. Each action creates a change, and in that change creates a shift in balance.

As a neuro-centric movement specialist, I have witnessed (and experienced) the importance of balance in so many areas. Balancing O2 and CO2 for brain function, balance training for fall prevention, muscular balance for joint stability and injury rehab, brain cortex balance for neurological impacts, emotional balance and wellness affecting physical capability…. The examples of balance are endless!

Think about standing on a BOSU ball with your eyes closed. You may rock a bit, move your arms around, open your eyes from time to time, bend your knees a little more… but the goal is to MAINTAIN balance and not fall off! So though my life may not be in perfect balance, I stay aware that I aim to MAINTAIN a balance.

What do you struggle to balance? What are your thoughts and advice in creating balance across one’s life? Do you think balance is attainable?


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