Finding Solutions!

January 1st always brings about a time of new beginnings. New goals, new promises, new fresh start. I have a hard time with this. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in having goals and constantly improving on one’s self, but why January 1st? Why not December 28th? Please do not be insulted if you make New Year Resolutions, but may I suggest dropping the “re” and focus on solutions. I have found that my clients have always taken action throughout the year! We (as do our clients) know that fitness is a lifestyle — it is the journey not a destination. It requires consistency and sustainability!

After a leisurely holiday season and indulging in all that is merry, I can see why many want to hit fitness hard. In my advice, going to the gym 7 days a week, having some crazy restrictive diet plan or putting your body through workouts you haven’t built up to not only lead to the inability to continue through the year, but also results in injuries.

When we set solutions, we are already being positive and looking to the things we CAN do and not the things we should avoid. I often hear the following resolutions: “I won’t go to bed late,” “I won’t drink so much soda,” “I want to lose 20 lbs” — instead how will you accomplish these things? Set small incremental solutions that will get you to your goal naturally. It no longer becomes a lofty goal, punitive, or one you feel after two weeks is too challenging to continue. There are a lot of spokes to losing weight and it can be overwhelming and frustrating, so set small goals. Start with eating more veggies (rather than not eating carbs), drink an additional glass of water (instead of saying you won’t drink white wine), find a class that you enjoy that incorporates more cardio (rather than requiring that you must run 3x/week and hate every second).

We also have 2021 solutions that will be implemented into your studio workouts. Each year we layer another important aspect of wellness that helps you get more out of your hour without losing the benefits of a challenging workout. Some of the things already layered in include: increasing bone density, keeping a mindful connection to movement, supporting injury prevention with slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fiber work, challenging your proprioceptive skills, and more. Did you have any idea that these were in play while you were performing bicep curls, legwork, or ab curls? So what does 2021 have in store – brain health and stimulating neuroplasticity!

Tell us your goals and we look forward to helping you find solutions for 2021!

Central Core

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