Pre-order Juice

JuiceAlize is an organic cold pressed juice company that focuses on detoxification, revitalization, and restoring energy naturally. JuiceAlize is made using the freshest organic vegetable, herbs and fruits. cold pressed juice involves a 2-step process-, first they mulch the ingredients into pulp-, then they hydraulic press all the nutrients out into glorious juice. No sugar or water added. Just 2lbs of organic produce per bottle! By retaining all the nutrients and enzymes through a cold process, this is the fastest way to absorb all those beneficial nutrients and enzymes!

Place an order today and pick up at the MPS. Please review the list of juice options. Not listed includes the seasonal variety

Pre-orders are $9 per 16oz juice bottle.

Please pay MPS via cash, check or paypal using email:


Please bring a bag or cooler to transport the juices home from MPS!