Live Webinar

Join Misha Patel for a free 40-minute live online workout. This workout will challenge you body and brain – so get ready!

Central Core is honored to be the only Pilates studio recommended by the Central Coast Parkinson’s Association for Parkinson’s rehab on the Central Coast. 

What: Neurological focused workout — Great for anyone of any fitness level. Especially good for individuals with injuries, Parkinson’s, neurological disorders and other brain function disorders.

Why: Exercise benefits the brain BEFORE it benefits the body! The more pointed and more intelligent the exercise selection, the more benefit! The healthier and more physically fit the body is, the more efficiently the brain functions. 

This is because exercise changes the brain at a molecular level by: 

🧠 growing new brain cells, a process called neurogenesis.

🧠 producing brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF), the protein that influences brain function.

🧠 strengthening secondary dendritic branching that increases memory retrieval.

🧠 improving mood by balancing the neurotransmitters endorphins, dopamine, cortisol, and serotonin

🧠 just to name a few!

Cost: FREE! Just click the link to register and you’ll get your special code to access the workout. No software or apps to download. Just your Internet connection on your computer or mobile device.

💓 Share the Love: Please share the link with family, friends, and colleagues. Make a “date” to have them work out with you!