Why Pilates?

You might be asking, “What is pahy-luhts?” And, “Should I be doing it?” Well, for starters, it’s pronounced pi-lah­-teez. The answer to your second question: YES! Everyone should be doing Pilates no matter age, fitness level, injury, or special needs! The benefits of Pilates are endless, so I’ve compiled a list of the most important … Continue reading Why Pilates?

2016 Wrap Up!

Misha Patel Studio, LLC always aims to provide its clients with the most knowledgable staff that share innovative programming and treatments with the best tools to help you on your wellness journey! In 2016 we expanded on our wellness offerings and revived some old ones! So lets take a look at 2016! 1. 2nd Studio opened - … Continue reading 2016 Wrap Up!