MPS and Central Core offer a variety of  events, whether it be in the studio or outside surroundings! As many of our clients do not take classes with one another, it is great to find times to bridge the MPS community. We host many fitness retreats and welcome those of all fitness levels with or without Pilates experience!

Our fitness retreats in beautiful Pismo Beach are all day Saturday and half day Sunday with activities for all to enjoy! Wake up to the ocean sound, enjoy delicious breakfasts, feel energized by taking Pilates and TRX, breathtaking views with a hike, watch the sunset with a glass of wine, and even try kayaking through caves or SUP yoga!


Essential Oil Workshops offer you healthy and natural alternatives to personal care, home cleaning, and general wellness! Go through an essence test and figure out which scents you love and which ones turn you off! No point using an oil (no matter how good) if it triggers a headache! Gain a better understanding of each oils properties and how to use them in your day to day life! Workshops are $10/person


Private 40 minute sessions ($60) for Skin Care are also available – find out your perfect morning and evening routine, which oils to use, and how to keep your skin healthy, bright, and ageless!

skin_care_productsSaturday, TBA 11:45-12:45pm: Essential Oil Workshop at MPS

Find out which 6 pure therapeutic grade essential oils you should have in every household and a 100 ways to use them! $10/person
Saturday and Sunday, January 20th and 21st: Destination Detox at Central Core 
Wake up to ocean waves, enjoy delicious juices and smoothies, sweat inducing Pilates and fitness sessions, detox yoga workout, beach walks and downtime, and a relaxing detox facial! All juices, smoothies, Breakfast and Lunch Saturday, Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday, Facial, and fitness classes included! $425/person, spaces are limited!

Saturday and Sunday, January 20th and 21st: Destination Detox at MPS

Reset and rejuvenate in 2018 with this wonderful weekend to rest your metabolism, reduce inflammation in the body, and prepare yourself for a happy and healthy year ahead! All juices, smoothies, Breakfast and Lunch Saturday, Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday, Essential oil workshop, and fitness classes included! $225/person, spaces are limited

Saturday and Sunday, February 10th and 11th: Advanced Pilates at Central Core
Saturday and Sunday, March 24th and 25th: General Wellness at Central Core 
Wake up to ocean waves, relax with a glass of wine at sunset, but in between challenge your body with Pilates, TRX, and Yoga! Shake out those legs with a beach walk and hike with some fresh ocean air! Lunch, Happy Hour, and Brunch included! $250/person, spaces are limited!
Future Retreats to look forward to:
  • Surf and SUP Yoga
  • Advanced Pilates
  • Couples Weekend
  • Family Weekend

Create your OWN retreat in Pismo Beach

  • Brial Shower
  • Girls Weekend
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Friends and Family

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